Rebuilding API Remanufactured
API Certified-Rebuilt API Inspected


Worn or not, each part is replaced or restored to the manufacturer’s specifications or better, resulting in a centerless grinder that will outperform its original capabilities. API Remanufactured Cincinnati Centerless Grinders are used machines that are totally disassembled, inspected and re-engineered from the ground up by craftsmen who are experts with a wealth of rebuilding experience. 

Do not confuse "API Remanufactured" with "rebuilt" or "reconditioned".  API Remanufactured means that the machine is completely disassembled to the base casting and every component is completely examined and analyzed for defects, wear and tear and tolerances not within factory limits.  The entire machine is then zeroed out and aligned. 

API Remanufactured includes: Rebuilt Grinding Wheel Spindle, Rebuilt Regulating Wheel Spindle, Rebuilt Grinding Wheel Truing, Rebuilt Regulating Wheel Truing, Rebuilt Compensation Units, New Electrics, etc. Wear items such as motors, bearings, belts, ballscrews, gibs, etc. are replaced with new components whether worn or not. All bed ways are precision ground using one of our two Way Grinders and then hand scraped.

 Benefits (API Remanufactured Centerless Grinder)

  • Performs competitively with any new machine on the market at a substantial cost savings
  •  Exceeds performance capabilities of when it was new
  • Every critical component replaced regardless of condition, not just checked or reconditioned.
  • Less than 1/2 the cost of a new centerless grinder
  • Full 1 year parts and labor warranty.