Automatic Magazine Loader




No. 2 and No. 3 A&B Bar Fixture


No. 2 A&B: Up to 3 inch diameter 
No. 3 A&B:  Over 3 inch diameter

Power Roller Station (A&B Bar Fixture)


Power Roller Drive Unit
Variable speed D.C. Drive Power Roller Station
        can be located between fixed roller stations
        for feeding bars to and from a grinder

Rebuilt Lipe Bar Feed


Redesigned for centerless grinding                    
Bar Track for 1/4 - 1 in. bars
Modified for bar stock grinding
Includes timer and speed control
Adjustment legs with wheels
Side adjust hand-crank for wheel wear

T - Bar Style Fixture


T - Bar Fixture
For 1/2 to 1-1/4in. bars                                                      
        (Need to lay angle iron on top of rollers to grind under 1/2in.)
Can be configured in any length 
Brackets, supports, stands provided

Bar Grinding System with Gaging


Bar Table
Laser Gaging
Automatic CNC Compensation
Part Size Menu Selection
Grinding Wheel Balancer
Up to 4 inch diameter standard
3-1/2 to 6 inch diameter with dual laser system
Other diameters available
PC operator Interface
Lazer Mike laser gaging
Bar Master software
Optional industrial PC 

Custom Bar Tables


Loading and Unloading Tables
Any diameter
Into and out of the grinder

Floor Hopper with Vertical Loading


Diameter range: 0.437 – 0.75inch
Length range: 4 – 24 inch
DC Variable Speed Conveyor Motor
Linear slide mounted adjustable side guides
        front & rear for exact part containment
Stainless Steel Drip Pan
PLC based control package
        72 inch variable speed side conveyor

Hopper Style Thrufeed Shaft Loader


Hopper Style Thru-Feed Loader with variable speed conveyor
Mounted to workrest and linear stand  for parts 7/16 to 2-1/4 in. dia. and 4 to 24 in. long
12 in. hopper
        with approx. 1000 pc. capacity @ 0.160 in. dia.
72in. conveyor with linear floor stands
        and two 1/4” urethane round belts on a 1/4” centerline
        with side guides
Variable Speed DC Drive
Discharge as necessary from the conveyor
        to the centerless grinder
Sensors to monitor part exit
Loader Cycle time approx. 120/min

Pick and Place Gantry Style Loader


Gantry Style Part Loader/Unloader 
Shown with 2 sets of grippers
        for grinding two parts simultaneously