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Centerless Grinder rebuilt assemblies are totally disassembled and inspected. Every component is completely examined and analyzed for defects, wear and tear and tolerances not within factory limits. Each part is then replaced or restored to the manufacturer’s specifications.


  • Available for immediate delivery from our large inventory
  • Exchange program reduces or eliminates costly down-time
  • We can rebuild your component or take yours on exchange thus eliminating machine down-time
  • Full 1 year parts and labor warranty on rebuilt components
  • Installation assistance by phone
  • Trained service personnel available for on-site installation
Rebuilt Assemblies in Stock
  •  Regulating Wheel Spindle Housings
  • Grinding Wheel Spindles
  • Dresser Assemblies for Regulating Wheel
  • Dresser Assemblies for Grinding Wheel
  • TwinGrip Regulating Wheel Housings
  • TwinGrip Grinding Wheel Spindles
  • Hydraulic Valves, Pumps and Cylinders
  • Workrests
  • Main table slides
  • Transmission/Gearbox
  • Electro-hydraulic Infeed Units