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Increased roundness capability and reduced maintenance requirements are provided by our Regulating Wheel Drive options.  Also, the standard transmission can be entirely replaced with a transfer case and servo drive.

Servo Drive Benefits

  • Eliminates standard gearbox and its inherent wear problems
  • Roundness capability is improved
  • Servo drives allows precise speed control & quick change to dressing function
  • The drive is very smooth and quiet

Typical In-feed Grinding Sequence

  • Slow speed at the start of the grinding cycle.
  • Highest Speed at the end of the cycle to improve roundness as well as finish with a minimum of spark out time.

Hydrostatic Drive

  • Hydrostatic drives allows variable speed control and reduce the number of mechanical drive components. There is no longer any need to shift the transmission from low to high for dressing the regulating wheel. This improved design with fewer moving parts provides reduced maintenance requirements and extended product life.