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The Allway Precision CNC grinder control is a state of the art CNC retrofit designed for your specific machine and is available for all sizes of Cincinnati Centerless Grinders. It is capable of accurately compensating in increments as small as 10 millionths with standard dovetail beds. The CNC grinder control replaces the manual adjustment handwheel, the electro-hydraulic in-feed control or the standard factory compensator. The standard leadscrew is replaced with a new heavy-duty ballscrew that is driven by a precision gearbox and servo motor resulting in extremely accurate control. Our 15 inch touch screen operator interface is easily viewed, user friendly and does not need special codes or commands. Parts can be programmed in either inches or millimeters. The grinder control can function in both In-feed or Thru-feed with operator established compensation values that can be varied as needed. Operator and administrator functions are password protected to maintain system integrity. The dress compensation feature increases operator productivity by automatically storing the compensations for wheel wear. After dressing the wheel, the computer then automatically compensates the machine in by the difference. This brings back the first part very close to the previous running size. With a correcting compensation, the part should be at the desired size and the control will start keeping track of the compensation amounts until the next dress compensation.


  • Capable of In-feed and/or Thru-feed slide control
  • Idea for applications requiring multiple setups
  • Roughing and finishing passes can be combined into one cycle by automatically changing the feed rate and rpm of the regulating wheel
  • Improve performance in tight tolerance applications with four programmable In-feed and regulating wheel speed rates
  • Precise forward & backward slide control in 10 millionths increments with standard machine beds (NO bed retrofit required)
  • Servo-driven precision ground ball screw with zero-backlash nut assembly
  • Brushless digital servo drive motor with encoder positioning feedback
  • Unlimited part programs including notes on blade height, feed angle, etc.
  • Operator established and variable compensation values
  • Can interface to a variety of gauges with feedback for automatic size control
  • Manual feed rate override selector switch provides easy adjustment to the grind cycle
  • Re-dress reminder available

CNC In-feed Grinder Control

  • Programmable part numbers with final size displayed
  • Programmable retract amount for set-up and safety
  • Dress cycle counter
  • Controls unload, load, start grind, rough, semi-finish, finish, dwell and sparkout
  • Variable programmable feed rates throughout grind cycle
  • Single and continuous cycle capability

CNC Thru-feed Grinder Control

  • Programmable part numbers with final size displayed
  • Multi-pass function with up to four passes per part number
  • Programmable retract amount for set-up and safety
  • Dress cycle counter