Cincinnati 340-20 Twin Grip Centerless Grinder

When it comes to heavy stock removal thrufeed challenges nothing surpasses the Cincinnati 340-20 Twin Grip centerless grinder. It is called a “Twin Grip” grinder as both the regulating wheel and grinding wheel spindles have outboard support bearings, compared to cantilevered spindles on other machines. With 20” of grinding wheel width capacity, this machine will tackle the most demanding thrufeed applications with ease. It also excels at high precision infeed grinding for long and large parts.

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Common Applications:

  • Infeed Grinding Long Parts (up to 20″ length)
  • High Volume or Heavy Stock Removal Thrufeed Grinding
  • Large Diameter Bar Grinding

Available Upgrades:

  • CNC Infeed/Thrufeed Control
  • Main Motor Upgrade (up to 100HP)
  • BarMaster™ Gauging System
  • Automatic Bar Feeding Systems
  • Heavy Duty Worm Drive for Regulating Wheel
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • 2-axis CNC Dressers


Diameter Capacity, Optimal 0.5 to 3”
Diameter Capacity, Maximum Up to 6”
Grinding Wheel Diameter, Minimum 17.5”
Grinding Wheel Diameter, Maximum 24”
Grinding Wheel Width, Maximum 20”
Grinding Wheel Hole Diameter 12”
Grinding Wheel Motor 40hp standard, up to 100hp
Grinding Wheel Speed, Maximum 10,500 SFPM
Regulating Wheel Diameter, Minimum 9.5”
Regulating Wheel Diameter, Maximum 14″
Regulating Wheel, Maximum 8”
Regulating Wheel Hole Diameter 5”
Regulating Wheel Speeds, Range 0 to 300 rpm
Regulating Wheel Motor 2 hp
Static Stiffness 1,000,000 lbs
Machine Footprint, Approximately 11’ x 8’ x 8’
Weight, Approximately 22,000 lbs.
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