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As manufacturing technology keeps advancing, CNC controls have gone from an expensive and difficult to learn technology to a virtual requirement for remaining competitive in the manufacturing marketplace. Whether it is building a new machine or upgrading your current grinder, we have the solution for you.

AP Grind Software

For more than 20 years, Allways Precision has been continuously developing our AP Grind software that powers each of our CNC Centerless Grinders. AP Grind is a conversational control, meaning if you can read a part print then you can make the part. Since there is no knowledge of G-code required, you can learn the basics of the machine operation in a few minutes. Even programming complex forms into the grinding wheel are simplified with built in calculators for various shapes.

CNC Infeed/Thrufeed Control

Our CNC Infeed/Thrufeed control replaces the manual grinder feed system and is available in either single axis or dual-axis configuration. This intuitive control contains our part “recipe” system, which allows you to easily store all relevant grinding parameters on the control along with setup notes. The system allows for rapid setup and changeover of the machine and size compensations as small as 10 millionths of an inch are handled with the push of a button.

CNC Dressing Systems

Allways Precision makes a variety of CNC dressers to fit any centerless grinding application. Designed and built completely in-house, our closed-loop high precision CNC Grinding Wheel Dresser can be equipped with a rotary diamond axis to consistently generate complex forms with ease. CNC regulating wheel dressers can also be equipped to allow for easy generation of profiles on the regulating wheel.

For thrufeed applications, we offer an upgrade to the stock dressing system which eliminates the need for cams. It also allows for automatic wheel dressing to increase productivity and easy modification of feed rates across the grinding wheel. Contact us now to see how we can help boost your productivity.


Our custom automation is integrated directly into AP Grind to provide a simple and seamless operator experience. This enables your CNC Centerless Grinder to achieve even higher levels of performance. To find out more about our automation options click the Learn More button to go to our automation page or watch a brief demonstration in this video.

B&R Components

Allways Precision exclusively uses B&R for all of our servo motors, drives, HMIs and I/O. The entire B&R ecosystem is designed to work together simplifying integration and troubleshooting. The advanced motors and drives are the only ones in the industry that are forward and backwards compatible. Standardizing on B&R controls also means we have a large inventory of parts on hand for any type of replacements you may require .

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