Rebuilding API Remanufactured
API Certified-Rebuilt API Inspected


Comparable to remanufactured, rebuilt or reconditioned grinders of other rebuilders,  API Certified-Rebuilt grinders are used machines in good condition that have been partially disassembled and thoroughly inspected. We rebuild only parts and components that are worn. We reuse only parts that are within specification For API Certified-Rebuilt, the Centerless Grinder is partially disassembled; all critical components are checked, cleaned, rebuilt or repaired as necessary to bring the machine back to factory specifications

Benefits (API Certified-Rebuilt Centerless Grinder)

  • Performance capabilities similar to when the grinder was new.
  • Critical Components checked, replaced, or reconditioned as needed.
  • Full 90 day parts and labor warranty coupled with a 30 day money back return privilege. Any rebuilt components carry a full one year parts and labor warranty.