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Infeed Loaders 

Allways Precision, Inc. has configured various types of part loaders and unloaders to increase efficiency including:

  • Magazine type loaders
  • Programmable Pick & Place loaders
  • Programmable Shuttle Type loaders

Thrufeed Shaft Loaders

Allways Precision, Inc. has configured various types of shaft loaders and unloaders for parts ranging from 2 to 36 in. long including: 

  • Hopper with gravity feed
  • Magazine rack discharge with conveyor
  • Quick delivery available for Bowl Feeding Systems handling  parts:
    • 0.030 to 0.187 in. diameter and up to 1-1/2 in. long
    • 0.125 to 1 in diameter and up to 4 in. long
  • Quick delivery available for shaft loaders handling parts:
    • 0.187 to 0.625 in. diameter and 3-1/2 to 16 in. long
    • 0.5 to 2-1/4 in. diameter and 4 to 24 in. long

Large Diameter Shaft Loaders

Provide a means to store parts ranging in size from 5/16” to 1½” in diameter and 3” to 48” in length. The par ts will be stacked by hand into an accumulator. The accumulator will then feed the parts to a conveyor belt, which will feed the machine by means of part traffic monitoring. NOTE: The accumulator and 72” or 96” conveyor are mounted on a common stand, which is attached to a movable base. The movable base is designed to allow ease of movement from one machine cell to the next. The accumulator base is attached to the movable base by means of a track and lead screw assembly system allowing the precise alignment at set-up and when the wheel wears or when accessibility to the machine is required.

Small Diameter Shaft Loaders

Provide a means to store parts ranging in size from 1/8” to 1” in diameter and 2” to 18” in length. Two side plates constructed of 1/4” thick Blanchard ground steel for flatness approximately 9” x 12”. The parts will rest on hardened lower rails mounted to the side plates at 20 degrees. Both hopper side plates will be adjustable for ease of set up. The hopper sides can be moved manually by means of the precision linear rail system. Set up time between parts will not exceed five minutes. To change part diameters only the two exit rails and the variable cams require adjustment. It will only be necessary to move these when parts change in diameter by more than 30%. A common variable speed motor with gearbox drives both the rotary discharge cams as well as the agitator cams that stop all part bridging. The rotary discharge cams will index a part down and into the adjustable discharge rails each cam rotation. Note: The cam rotation speed can be zero to what ever you desire as a maximum speed. The discharge rails leading to the 72” conveyor can be mounted to box style or linear rail stands. The rotary cams will only escape parts when the conveyor photo-optic eye is not blocked.

Custom or modified loaders available for other part sizes