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Used for applications involving oriented feeding of cylindrical parts. Perfect for feeding parts into a centerless grinder. The dual round belt design allows the part to settle between the belts, eliminating the need for side guides and also ideal for transferring parts between machines. The conveyors are constructed of wear and corrosion resistant components for the harshest conditions. Optional bulk storage with diverter systems are available on exit conveyors.

Allways Precision, Inc. has designed various dual, multiple or flat conveyor assemblies to bring parts  

  1. From a loader to a roughing machine 
  2. From a roughing machine to a finishing machine
  3. From a finishing machine back to a loading station

Standard part diameters are:

  • 0.093 to 0.500 in.
  • 0.250 to 0.750 in.
  • 0.437 to 1.250 in.
  • 0.875 to 1.500 in.

Custom or modified loaders available for other part sizes