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Grinding Overview

Centerless Grinding is an extremely productive machining method for producing high precision cylindrical parts and bars. Very close tolerances in the micrometer range are typical together with high quality surface finishes. 

In centerless grinding, the workpiece is not required to be clamped or mounted between centers. Parts are supported on a workrest blade, which is located between the grinding wheel and regulating wheel. The grinding wheel grinds and drives the workpiece. The regulating wheel acts as a brake, controlling the rotation of the workpiece and for thrufeed grinding, the rate that the workpiece travels.

Cincinnati Centerless Grinders have been proven to be the most popular, toughest and most durable centerless grinders ever made. They are the first choice for high production and lasting value. 

Company Overview

Allways Precision, Inc. specializes in the buying, selling and rebuilding of Cincinnati Centerless Grinders. We have one of the largest centerless grinder inventories in the world of many Cincinnati models. With over 2000 standard and custom replacement parts in stock, we can ship the part that you need from our extensive parts and rebuilt assembly inventory. Since Allways Precision, Inc. specializes only in Cincinnati Centerless Grinders, our craftsman's expertise with the Cincinnati models has provided the centerless grinder market with unparalleled quality and service.

The term "rebuild" holds a unique and precise meaning at Allways Precision, Inc.. When a machine is contracted for rebuilding, every component of the centerless grinder is completely examined and analyzed for defects, wear and tear and tolerances not within factory specifications. With this precise inspection and reconditioning process, Allways Precision, Inc. offers a full one-year warranty on parts and labor for each centerless grinder we rebuild. With an Allways Precision, Inc. rebuilt grinder, you are assured of a Cincinnati Centerless Grinder with the same tolerances and performance capabilities as one purchased new from the factory.

Allways Precision, Inc. is not only a buyer, seller and rebuilder of Cincinnati Centerless Grinders, but an educator of the machine system. We are available to review set up problems and provide training for your staff in our facility or yours, wherever and whenever needed. We are just as comfortable dealing with large production facilities as we are with small job shops.

Allways Precision, Inc. has built a reputation on their quality craftsmanship and technical service support, which is unrivaled in the industry. Our grinder rebuilding process and capabilities are the most precise and all encompassing in the industry. Our service and support is prompt, efficient and always provides you, our customer, with a solution and the means to reach it. 

For the best in Cincinnati Centerless Grinder rebuilding, parts and service, contact Allways Precision, Inc.

For inquiries, information and/or a brochure, send E-mail, fax or call us. We will do our best to serve you.